VFX / Special Effects :
Our in-depth knowledge of traditional and modern visual Effects helps us to deliver ground breaking, exceptional VFX images and films. Our strength lies in a close knitted network of motion graphics consultants and artists based in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney enables us to provide the top notch quality without incurring on heavy post production liabilities.
Keywords : Story board, concept, motion control and capture, match movie, lighting, HDRI and digital illumination, rotoscopy, digital / matte painting, post production.

Architectural Design & Visualization :
We are a multi-disciplinary team of talented professionals who bring a unique perspective on architectural excellence, cutting edge technology and pioneering artistry.
Keywords : Story board, 3D Modeling, Texturing and UV Unwraps, Lighting, Camera motions, Rendering, Compositing, Editing.

3D Rendering            I           Walkthrough / Flythrough            I             Photomontage               I           360 Degree Panoramic View

Film Production :
Our collaborations with film production studios and consultants around the world allows us to blend the best live action shoots and interior green room images in our architectural, advertising and commercial films.
Keywords : Story board, Scripting and Pre-production, Live Action Shoots, Green room Shoots, Lighting, Cinematography, Direction, Editing.

Interactive Media Solutions :
If you have a project launch event, trade shows or a full size installation at your reception or advertising wall, please give us a shout!
Our love and passion for technology helps us to combine and provide a new interactive dimension to your creative presentation. We provide intensive support at each and every stage of the work flow from concept, realization and installation to maintenance. In critical cases, we provide on-site support for installation and maintenance from either USA or Europe for any global projects. Alternatively, we are partnered with local companies and experienced consultants for the final project deployment.
Keywords: 3D mapping, Interactive floor, bar, wall for your projects, Touch foils and touch screens, Building projections, Video wall and transparent LCD, Virtual Host and Pepper’s Ghost.